Malicious and enigmatic tags were discovered on apartment buildings in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) yesterday morning by residents. Mayor Abdel Sadi (PCF) and his first deputy José Moury (PCF) are targeted by these messages. Cars were also set on fire.

The first and last names of the two elected officials were written in capital letters with black paint followed by the inscription "it's your fault," says Le Parisien. On the façade of a building, another message was inscribed: "One is deaf, the other dumb." The name of one of the collaborators of the mayor of Bobigny is associated with the words: "dirty sold".

A premeditated act?

On Facebook yesterday, the mayor said he was counting on "police forces to identify the perpetrators of these malicious, premeditated and coordinated acts, and to stop these repeated attempts at intimidation," while saying: "You will not silence us!"

The mayor and his collaborator filed a complaint. The first deputy has announced that he intends to do the same soon. An investigation has been opened and has been entrusted to the territorial security, said the prosecutor's office yesterday to the regional daily. Last March, the mayor and his first deputy had already been targeted by threatening messages painted on a neighborhood house.

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