The first actual flight of the space launch vehicle Nuri made with
our technology will begin tomorrow (24th). The scheduled launch time is tomorrow afternoon, at 6:24 p.m. So let's go straight to the Naro Space Center, where we're ready.

Anchor Kim Yong-tae, tell us about the scene.

<Anchor Kim Yong-tae>

Yes, this is the Naro Space Center in Goheung, South Jeollan. The Nuri, which was slowly moved to the launch pad this morning, will soar into space at its fastest speed tomorrow afternoon. Here at the Space Center, darkness and tensions are high a day before launch. At the moment, the Nuri is standing and all parts have been checked. Unlike last year's second launch, which was successful after many twists and turns, everything has been smooth so far.

The actual challenge of the Nuri, which carries a real satellite, will first be introduced by reporter Seo Dong-gyun.

< reporter>
At 2:7
a.m., the 20.47-meter-tall Nuri exits the assembly building in a special vibration-free vehicle.

It slowly moves to the launch site at a speed of 2.1 kilometers per hour, which is slower than the speed at which a person walks, in order to minimize the impact on the projectile.

At 5:8 a.m., we arrived at the launch site, one hour and 54 minutes after leaving the assembly building.

At 1:34 a.m., work was underway to erect the Nuri on the launch pad, and it took about 10 hour and 11 minutes to secure the 37,1-part Nuri in case of any impact.

In the afternoon, the wires of the umbilical tower, which is the umbilical cord, were connected to ensure that the Nuri's electronics were working properly, and the fuel supply equipment for tomorrow's launch was connected.

Unlike the second round, when the launch was postponed twice due to strong winds and sensor problems, this time everything went smoothly throughout the entire launch process.

At the top of the three-stage rocket is the Nuri's first space guest, eight satellites, which will now go into space tomorrow for a mission.

As the success of the second round does not guarantee the success of the third launch, there is a mixture of confidence and nervousness on the faces of the Nuri's developers.

Now it's the real thing.

The scheduled launch time is tomorrow at 20:2 p.m., and the last night on earth is coming to an end, ushering in a new era of space power.

(Video Interview: Park Jin-ho, Video Editing: Lee Sang-min)

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