Prince Harry's hopes of being able to claim police protection as usual in the UK despite his departure from the inner circle of the royal family have been further dampened. The 38-year-old had suggested paying for the costs himself. But the British Home Office had rejected this. The ministry argued that it was not appropriate for wealthy people to buy police protection. An appeal against this decision was rejected by the London High Court on Tuesday as inadmissible.

Regardless of this, however, it will continue to be reviewed whether the downgrading of security precautions for Harry, his wife Duchess Meghan (41) and his two children Archie (4) and Lilibet (1) is appropriate and whether the decision was made on a comprehensible basis. However, it was initially unclear when a negotiation would take place.

The legal battle with the Home Office is just one of several that Harry is currently waging in the UK. In a civil case against the publisher of the tabloids "Mirror" and "Sunday Mirror", the prince is even expected to testify in the coming weeks. These are allegations of spying, such as listening to voice messages.

Harry is also conducting similar proceedings against the publisher of the newspapers "Daily Mail" and "Mail on Sunday" as well as the publisher of the newspapers "Sun" and the now defunct "News Group Newspapers".

Harry and Meghan broke away from the inner circle of the British royal family at the beginning of 2020 and now live with their children in the US state of California.