if it's going so smoothly, not knowing when or what's going to happen is a challenge for the universe. There is an investigative reporter a little closer to Nuri.

Hong Seung-yeon, what's the mood on the ground right now?


Yes, if you go a little further through the access control line behind me, you will find the Nuri launch site.

Now that outsiders are strictly allowed to enter, you can feel the tension of the scene.

From today (23rd), access to the area within a radius of 3 km from the Naro Space Center is restricted, and from tomorrow, the sea and the atmosphere will be controlled.

The Nuri underwent various inspections this afternoon, including the connection to the launch pad.

Sudden showers delayed the inspection time somewhat, but no technical problems were reported, the agency said.

Compared to the previous two rounds, which were postponed twice, once due to strong winds and once due to sensor failures, the on-site response is that the preparation work is going smoothly for the time being.

The weather was a little changeable during the day
today, is it okay now?


Yes, it is.

In Goheung, where the Naro Space Center is located, it rained during the day today, but now the rain has stopped and it is calm.

Tomorrow's weather conditions are important.

If there are strong winds of more than 2 meters per second on the ground, the safety of the workers working on the launch pad cannot be guaranteed, and the launch may be postponed.

You should also watch out for winds blowing from above.

Since exceeding 2 meters per second can affect the flight path of the projectile, the anti-accident will measure high-rise winds every two hours tomorrow, the day of the launch.

Fortunately, the Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that tomorrow the weather will be mostly clear and there will be no strong winds.

The chance of precipitation is also below 15%, and weather conditions are not expected to interfere with the launch.

Whether and when the final launch will be made tomorrow at half past one noon, the launch management committee will decide.

(Video Interview: Jung Kyung-moon, Video Editing: Park Ji-in)

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