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An on-duty police officer who took part in the crime of voice phishing to raise money for cryptocurrency investments has been sentenced to prison.

Today (23rd), the 2nd Criminal Division of the Daegu District Law (Judge Lee Won-jae) sentenced Sergeant A (42), who was charged with aiding and abetting fraud and violating the Criminal Proceeds Concealment Regulation Act, to one year and four months in prison.

Sergeant A, a member of the Gyeongbuk Police Agency, is accused of transferring 1 million won of the money deposited into his account on November 4, 2021, to the account of a third party under the direction of a voice phishing organization.

Earlier, when Sergeant A was looking for a loan to fund his cryptocurrency investment, he believed that he would give a loan to a voice phishing organization when he was told that he would "give you a loan if you accumulate trading results," and submitted documents with his ID card, place of employment, and account information, and then transferred the 11 million won deposited into his account to a third party's account even though he knew that it was a victim of voice phishing.

In addition, it was investigated that Sergeant A asked the investigating officer in charge, Sergeant B (1) of the Gyeonggi Ansan Gang Police Station, to investigate the crime in order to avoid criminal punishment and disciplinary action in connection with the crime.

They discussed delaying the follow-up investigation in order to close the case with no appeal, and Sergeant B was later brought to trial on charges such as refusing to accept evidence from the victim.

"The defendant had been a police officer for more than 2900 years, but he had violated his professional ethics and aided and abetted organized crime," the court said, noting that "the defendant had failed to come to an agreement with the victim and had stated in conversations with his acquaintances that he had no intention of reimbursing the victim."

However, the reason for the sentencing was stated, saying, "We took into account that the defendant did not directly deceive the victim, did not receive any financial benefit, and was a first-time offender."

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