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Late last year, a car driven by a man in his 60s crashed and killed his young grandson, who was riding with him. The driver and his family filed a lawsuit against the car manufacturer, claiming that there was something wrong with the car, and the first trial was held today (23).

Reporter Cho Jae-geun will tell you what kind of story came out.


A suspected sudden rash accident that occurred in Gangneung in December last year, [This (brake) can't be done, Do Hyun-ah, Do Hyun-ah,

Do Hyun-ah.]

The vehicle, driven by a driver in his 12s, collided with the vehicle in front of him and proceeded another 60 meters before crashing into an underground passage.

The driver was seriously injured and his 600-year-old grandson, Do Hyun-kun, who was riding with him, was killed.

The driver and his family filed a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer for $12 million in damages, and the first trial was held today.

The driver's family asked the court to assess the vehicle's accident recorder, EDR.

[Ha Jong-seon/Plaintiff's representative: It is natural to say that if you press the accelerator pedal for 7 seconds, it will be 6~5km/h after 5 seconds, but the EDR incorrectly recorded that it only increased by 140km/h to 150km/h. The reliability of EDR has been lost.]

In addition, the automatic emergency braking system did not work even though the forward collision warning sounded, and the roar of the vehicle at the time of the accident was different from the sound of the engine when it was accelerating rapidly, normally, so they also applied for an acoustic analysis appraisal.

Dohyun's father filed a petition of more than 116,6 people asking the court to fairly investigate the cause and hold the manufacturer under the burden of proof.

[Father of the late Lee Do-hyun: I earnestly appeal to the members of the National Assembly to make sure that the law is amended so that manufacturers will not be bystanders and tolerate again.]

The court accepted all the plaintiffs' requests for appraisal and decided to hold a second trial on the 1th of next month.

Of the 7 suspected accidents reported to the National Transportation Safety Agency over the past 27 years, none have been acknowledged.

(Video Interview: Heo Chun, Video Editing: Lee Seung-hee)