The Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mushouh, discussed with a delegation that included representatives of the Italian Casabound Party and the European Front for the Defense of Syria, and the head of the Syrian community in Italy a number of cultural issues and topics and prospects for joint cooperation.

The Minister of Culture stressed the need to exchange experiences and musical, artistic, archaeological and craft missions to transfer cultural experiences between the two countries, and to be ambassadors to correct the image of Syria, which the West wanted to distort.

Dr. Mushouh praised the position of the Italian Casabound party in support of the Syrian people and their cause, despite the unjust European measures and sanctions on Syria, and its prohibition of any voice that speaks the truth and contradicts its opinion.

In turn, the party's president, Jean-Luca Iannoni, reviewed the initiatives presented by the party and the front in support of Syria and its people during the war period, and assistance to those affected by the devastating earthquake that hit it, overcoming all the difficulties that were practiced on them.

The head of the party pointed to the importance of the work of the Italian archaeological missions in Syria, which highlights the features of civilization in it, stressing their readiness to cooperate and support any cultural activity and the establishment of tourist trips for Italian students to Syria to convey the beautiful image of it and correct the lies entrenched in the minds of Italians during the unjust war on Syria.

The delegation included party president Jean-Luca Iannone, party vice-president Andrea Antonini, foreign relations official Giovanni Viola, information officer Andrea Bonassa, organizations official Sergio Velaccione, youth official Valerio Flacomia, and the head of the Syrian community in Italy, Dr. Jamal Abu Abbas.

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