<Oh! The second search term > clicked on is "80-year-old grandmother who swept a bodybuilding competition."

The well-rounded muscles look as if they've been molded.

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This year, 80-year-old Lim Jong-so won first place in the bikini category at the senior division of the recently held WNC Signature Body Fitness Competition.

Lim started visiting gyms in 1 for rehabilitation after suffering from spinal stenosis.

After about three months of working out, the gym invited me to participate in bodybuilder competitions, and I have been competing in several competitions and winning prizes.

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She became famous as a so-called "body grandmother" so much that she was introduced to the foreign press, and she is also working as a senior model.

People reacted by saying, "I wish my old age was like that," "It's still an excuse to think that I can't do anything because of my age," and "Please accept me on the world stage with this momentum."

(Screen source: Instagram imjongso)