The 32nd Arab Summit, hosted by the Saudi city of Jeddah last Friday, was unveiled amid expectations that this summit will establish a new phase of joint cooperation between Arab countries, and the real will to get rid of the differences of the past and look towards the future, which was confirmed by a number of writers, researchers and political analysts.

Saudi writer and political analyst Ali al-Jassim confirmed in a special statement to SANA that the atmosphere that preceded the summit was indicating its success before its convening, and this was embodied through the resumption of Syrian meetings in all organizations and bodies of the Arab League, and reflected through the welcome we felt in the words of kings, presidents and leaders of Arab countries.

Al-Jassim said: "Everyone is aware of the importance of the stage in the Arab region, based on what is happening on the international scene, especially the Ukrainian crisis, which accelerated the emergence of a new world order based on multilateralism, and before it the emergence of organizations that formed attractive areas for all countries, such as the BRICS and Shanghai organizations, in addition to the emergence of economic data and ideologies that formed division in the world."

Al-Jassem added that all Arab countries have realized the seriousness of the important historical moment and the need for them to have a foothold in the next stage, and I believe that the Arabs will now move towards more serious joint action because they believe that no Arab country can remain isolated from its surroundings.

Al-Jassem pointed out that Syria is a founding country of the Arab League and its decision to resume meetings inaugurates a new and important stage in Arab history whose slogan is security and stability.

For his part, Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Harbi, a specialist in strategic studies and political science, said in a similar statement that the Jeddah summit constitutes a return to strategic depths and vital fields, and it is a historic summit and one of the most important summits that have been held, especially as it met amid successive and accelerated events that the world is going through, such as energy and food crises and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Al-Harbi explained that the Arab region, through this summit, began a new phase in zeroing the problems between them and moving towards cooperation and alliance to achieve comprehensive development, and said: We do not have the luxury of time and choice in front of everything that is going on, so the work during the summit was done pragmatically, clearly and transparently, and put all files on the table for research and discussion.

Al-Harbi pointed out that the files presented to the summit were many and complex, but Syria's resumption of its meetings in the Arab League is a very important step, which gives us ambition, hope and positivity always.

In turn, political analyst in Arab affairs Fahim bin Hamid Al-Hamid said that the large participation of kings, presidents and leaders in the Jeddah summit confirms the determination and will of decision-makers in the Arab region to throw differences and restore inter-relations, pointing out that the philosophy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now based on zeroing crises and preventing their expansion and Arab reunification, a movement based on putting the interests of peoples above all considerations.

Al-Hamid said: Today, the Arab countries must get out of the circle of hostility, and deal with differences as a package and with common denominators as a package in order to reach common solutions, through the "Arabization" of solutions to the problems facing our Arab nation and the rejection of its "Westernization", explaining that the West entered Syria, Iraq and Yemen in proxy wars, and then distanced itself after it plunged the region into chaos and conflicts.

The Saudi writer and journalist Mohammed al-Saadi described Syria's decision to resume its participation in the meetings of the Arab League as very important at all levels, as Arab action and consensus can only be healed with the presence of Syria, a great Syria with our conscience and its political and economic heritage.

Al-Saadi considered that the Arab summit in Jeddah is the beginning of the road and therefore the Arab countries have more practical steps and will to stand united and face all the challenges facing us.

Fadi Ahmed - Nada Ajeeb

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