The case of Suad Hosni returns to the forefront. The one accused of killing her, I'll reveal surprises.

It seems that the chapters of the case of the murder of Cinderella on the Arab screen singer Hosni have not yet been finalized, as the case, which is still a mystery, returned to the forefront 22 years after her death, with the announcement of Nadia Yousry, who was accused more than once that she will reveal new surprises for the first time, which sparked a storm of controversy.

And published Nadia Yousry on her page on "Facebook": I Hnzl a little of the papers of the investigations of Scotland Yard in the suicide of Souad Hosni Ahan people who say Mahaqosh and locked on the subject and worked scenarios of course all to trade her death. "

Nadia Yousry continued: "I will also download the messages of Souad Hosni, who I have not seen until her handwriting, and she expresses her pain, fatigue, psychology and financial problems, and he answered a few questions that have been repeated for 22 years."

Nadia concluded her speech, saying: I am sure that our Lord, the just truth, honors me and brings me my right from them and from everyone who wronged me and slandered me, God suffices me and yes the agent in you, but salvation is near, sincere salvation hopefully.

The site "Cairo 24" Tzsal with with Gangah, sister of the late Souad Hosni, who objected to the decision of Nadia Yousry to open the case again, stressing that she is looking for stirring up controversy and has no right to speak in the case of the murder of Souad because she is accused of killing her and was a fundamental reason, noting that the family of Souad have the right only to open the case and reveal secrets, but Nadia Yousry was not a friend of the late until she talks about what does not belong to her.

It is noteworthy that Souad Hosni left our world in 2001 in London, and accused Gangah, the sister of the late, Nadia Yousry, of killing her, but the latter denied those accusations, stressing that Souad committed suicide.