The disembarkation in Brindisi of the 26 people rescued on May 16 by the Geo Barents ship of Doctors Without Borders while they were on a boat in distress in international waters off the coast of Libya has ended. Among them were eight children and one woman. As far as we know, their health conditions are good.

"They threw food at us", the story of the crossing of three twenty-year-olds

Among the 26 people rescued at sea by the Geo Barents ship that arrived this morning at the port of Brindisi there are also Omar, Ali and Fikru, three twenty-year-olds who told the Doctors Without Borders team about their detention in Libya: "There were no windows, our breath created steam that dripped on us. It was full of bacteria and germs. It was so dark. We didn't know if it was morning or night. The only light we saw - they reported - was when they opened the door to throw food inside, but then closed it again. The best moment was when they opened that door and finally we could smell a different smell from the rotten one of the place we were in."

Ali recalls the sea crossing: "We had been on the boat for five hours when the engine broke. The children were crying, we were very worried about the family that was with us. We were hoping someone would help us. When we called the Alarm Phone they told us that we would have assistance soon. When we saw the Geo Barents coming, we feared it was the Libyan Coast Guard because we couldn't tell it out in the distance. But we hoped whoever it was would save us. We had lost hope until we saw the fast boats approaching. It was impossible for the Libyan Coast Guard to have those boats. When we saw Médecins Sans Frontières, we felt alive again."

Fikru now hopes his life will be better. "My father is very ill - he says - and cannot work. I want to be able to guarantee him and my younger brother a dignified life."

Boat with 47 in difficulty departed from Benghazi

A boat with 47 people on board is in distress off the coast of Libya. According to Alarm Phone, they left Benghazi and now have engine problems. Severe weather is expected in the area. The boat "almost sinks", the survivors told the NGO this morning. "They are panicking - explains Alarm Phone - they told us that the waves are high".

Louise Michel arrives in Trapani with 71 migrants on board

The ship Louise Michel, with 71 migrants on board rescued in recent days, arrived last night in the port of Trapani, where the survivors were disembarked. This was reported by the NGO.

87 landed in Crotone, mainly Iranians and Afghans

Second landing of migrants in twenty-four hours at the port of Crotone, where at dawn 87 people landed rescued during the night by the units of the coast guard of Crotone. A patrol boat intercepted the sailing ship on which they were traveling and escorted it to the Calabrian port. The health conditions of the refugees coming mostly from Iran and Afghanistan are good.

To assist them at the port there were the sanitary workers of the Asp of Crotone and the volunteers of the Italian Red Cross. Even this boat, according to the testimonies collected by the police, left the coasts of Turkey five days ago, taking advantage of the good conditions of the sea.

Yesterday morning, 138 people arrived on board a patrol boat of the Portuguese National Guard, including 34 minors. In addition, late yesterday evening 8 migrants were transferred to Crotone for health emergency who were on the coast guard ship Diciotti that was heading towards Reggio Calabria with over 700 people on board.

Lampedusa hotstop empties: 57 transferred, 6 guests remain

The Lampedusa hotspot is emptied. On the disposition of the Prefecture of Agrigento in agreement with the Interior Ministry, in fact, today 57 migrants hosted by the structure of the Imbriacola district have left the island. They were boarded on the Galaxy liner that will arrive in Porto Empedocle in the evening. In the center, whose management from the first of June will pass to the Italian Red Cross, six guests remain.

"Our commitment will be to guarantee migrants a dignified welcome from a human point of view first and foremost. We will try to make sure that the hotspot becomes the bulwark of humanity", said the president of the Italian Red Cross, Rosario Valastro, on the occasion of the presentation of the memorandum of understanding that will lead the Red Cross to the management of the structure. Meanwhile, bad weather conditions have granted a respite on the front of landings to the largest of the Pelagie, where no new landings have been recorded for days.