President Bashar al-Assad met today with Tunisian President Kais Saied on the sidelines of his participation in the Arab Summit, which begins its work in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The two presidents discussed bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries and bilateral cooperation in various fields.

During the meeting, President al-Assad welcomed the return of normal and historical relations between Syria and Tunisia, noting the need to strengthen these relations not only at the political and economic level, but also at the cultural, intellectual and popular levels, noting that officials and ambassadors in the two countries have a lot of work to develop a joint plan of action on the Arab and international arena as well.

President al-Assad stressed that Syria and Tunisia stand together against the dark current, because they share an issue that is the issue of thought, awareness and belonging, and this is what is targeted by the outside, considering that the Arabs are sons of one nation united by one belonging, which other peoples lack.

"You are our brothers and what hurts you hurts us, Syria is our country and there were many Tunisians who sought refuge in Syria during the French colonial period, and Syria's relations with the Arab Maghreb have always been excellent," Saied said during the meeting.

President Saied expressed Tunisia's great satisfaction with what Syria has achieved in its war against terrorism and preventing external interference, and said that the goal was to divide Syria into entities, but the Syrian people never accepted to interfere in their affairs and proved that they are the only ones who make up their minds.