Police today (19th) applied for an arrest warrant for actor Yoo Ah-in (real name Eom Hong-sik), who is suspected of taking drugs.

It has been 103 days since the investigation began in earnest with a detailed evaluation of Mr. Yu's hair, and two days after he returned home after the second round of investigation.

The Seoul Police Agency's Narcotics Crime Investigation Division said it had applied for an arrest warrant for Yoo on suspicion of administering "five types of narcotics" including cannabis, propofol, cocaine, ketamine, and zolpidem (including violating the Narcotics Control Act).

Police said that Mr. Yu denied most of the charges, and that there was a risk of destroying evidence and fleeing, and that an arrest investigation was necessary.

Police launched an investigation last year after the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety handed over records that Yu had administered more than 2,5 ml of propofol on 2021 occasions in 73.

Police collected urine and hair shortly after Yoo entered the country from the United States on Feb. 4 and sent them to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences for a detailed evaluation.

As a result of the evaluation, four narcotic substances were detected in Mr. Yu's urine and hair, including hemp, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.

Later, Mr. Yu's medical records revealed that he had been prescribed zolpidem, a psychotropic drug, for non-medical purposes, bringing the number of suspected drugs to five.

Mr. Yu appeared before the police as a suspect twice on March 400 and 2 and was questioned for a long time.

Yu reportedly claimed that propofol and ketamine were for therapeutic purposes, and that he did not take cocaine in particular.

Police are also investigating four bystanders, including Mr. A, a writer from an art university, who is suspected of helping Mr. Yu administer drugs or directly administering them.

The decision on whether to detain Mr. Yu will be made after the prosecution requests a warrant from the court and the suspect is questioned before his arrest early next week.