Can we laugh at everything? In any case, depending on current events, some subjects are more sensitive than others, and Laurent Gerra has paid the price. His column on RTL did not make Vadym Omelchenko, Ukraine's ambassador to France, smile, who expressed his anger on his Twitter account. He demanded an apology from the comedian.

In question, the "Zelensky circus" supposed to represent the trips of the Ukrainian president. The column was presented by the host Jade: "We see him everywhere, he was still yesterday at the Elysee, President Zelensky is on tour with his tent. Right away, an advertising page offered to help Ukraine. »


And Laurent Gerra continues, against a background of fanfare: "Gilles Margaritis presents: the Zelensky circus, on tour throughout Europe with his menagerie". The metaphor spun on the different acts of this "circus", with the "committed clowns BHL and Arielle (Dombasle) who receive cream pies dropped by drone (...) And Macron juggling pots and pans" will not have ridiculed Ambassador Vadym Omelchenko either.

"What cynicism and lack of tact not representative of the friendly people. Without empathy, without responsibility," he posted on Twitter. "I demand an apology to my President and my people who are suffering and fighting for their freedom but also for yours, and for the opportunity to enjoy the lightness of life." Many netizens were also outraged, as can be seen in the comments left on Twitter.

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