▲ In addition, Rep. Kim Eui-of the Democratic Party

In response to Democratic Party Rep. Kim Eui-chun's claim that Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon sent text messages through the "Justice Ministry's text notification system," Han refuted the claim, saying, "He is lying again."

The start was Minister Han Dong-hoon's refutation of Democratic Party Rep. Park Chan-dae's claims about cryptocurrencies yesterday (18th).

In his statement, a minister criticized Rep. Park, saying, "Did you decide to take charge of 'fake news from the MDP' instead of Rep. Kim Eui-chun?"

Then, Rep. Kim Eui-kyun posted on his social media today, "Why are you dragging me into this issue? Is that what the attorney general of one country would say?"

"Leaving everything aside, a minister sent this message through the 'Ministry of Justice text notification system,'" Kim said, adding, "Is it okay to spit out a message that is full of personal feelings in a system that is run by the state budget?"

He added, "The Justice Department's public system is also used privately, so is there any guarantee that the prosecution's investigation will not be used for political gain?"

A minister retorted, "Congressman Kim lied again," and that "such a system (the 'Ministry of Justice Text Notification System') does not even exist at all."

"I spoke directly to the press corps on my personal cell phone, not even through the Justice Department spokesperson's office," he said, noting that "of course, no state money is spent on this."

Han sent the controversial statement using his personal mobile phone rather than a text message in the name of the spokesperson's office, which the Ministry of Justice uses to send press releases to the press corps.