Two years after the tragedy of Mottarone, in which 14 people died, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Verbania has closed the investigation in view of the request for trial for 8 suspects. The Ansa writes. In addition to the two companies, the recipients of the notice of conclusion of the investigations are Luigi Nerini, owner of Ferrovie del Mottarone, Enrico Perocchio, operations manager, Gabriele Tadini, head of service, and, for Leitner, in charge of maintenance, Anton Seeber, chairman of the Board of Directors, Martin Leitner, managing director and Peter Rabanser, head of Customer Service. We are moving towards archiving for 6 external technicians whose position has been deleted.


Gabriele Tadini the head of service of the Mottarone cable car

The investigations, conducted by the carabinieri, were coordinated by the Prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi and the prosecutor Laura Correra. The crimes alleged in various ways are attack on transport safety, removal or wilful omission of precautions against accidents at work, negligent disaster, multiple manslaughter, very serious culpable injuries and only for Tadini and Perocchio also the forgery.


Mottarone, firefighters at the scene of the accident

From the first and investigations, based on the stories of the people informed about the facts and the seized material, the two central themes immediately emerged: the sheared cable and failure of the safety braking system due to the insertion of the so-called forks to prevent the cabin, then crashed with passengers on board, from blocking during the race.

For this reason Nerini, Perocchio and Tadini were stopped by the prosecutors on the night between 25 and 26 May but the investigating magistrate, believing there were no conditions (the danger of escape), did not validate the detention: on the evening of 29 May he released the first two and ordered house arrest only for Tadini, recognizing against him the serious clues based on the first testimonies. A decision that, for a formal matter, opened a clash between togas that reached the CSM, while the proceedings were reassigned to another judge.


Enrico Perocchio

A few months later, the new investigating judge accepted the request for an evidentiary incident and appointed two colleges of experts to shed light on the causes of the accident. At the same time, the Public Prosecutor's Office has entered 11 other people in the register of suspects: Leitner with its top management, the company Ferrovie del Mottarone as an entity and a group of 6 technicians, those now removed in view of the request for archiving, employees of super specialized companies who, in subcontracting, took care of the controls and also the one who made the molten head of the cable car.

The expert reports, filed last September and which then led the investigators to thin out the list of suspects, reconstructed the deficiencies in the controls and management of the plant: they found that the rope was corroded well before the accident and proper maintenance could have detected it. And then the constant use of forks that left no escape. In the accident, which occurred at about 12.15 on May 23, 14 people lost their lives, including two children. Only little Eitan, five years old at the time, survived.

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Mottarone, the anniversary of the tragedy