The departmental security of the national police has opened an investigation for attempted murder after a shooting at a gas station on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. The facts occurred around 2:30 am at a TotalEnergies station on the road to Pornic, near the Cheviré bridge, in the town of Bouguenais, southwest of Nantes. An altercation broke out "between the occupants of an Audi vehicle and those of a Twingo, for a reason that remains to be determined," reports the public prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul.

"One of the occupants of the Twingo vehicle pulled out a gun and shot two of the occupants of the Audi vehicle. Seriously injured, they were transported to Nantes University Hospital. If the days of one of them, touched to the lower limbs, do not seem in danger, it is not the same for the second, hit in the chest. »

Two more shootings just before

This attempted homicide takes place in a particularly tense context in Nantes. Wednesday afternoon, a burst of fire had already taken place Bellevue district in Saint-Herblain. No apparent injuries despite the "presence of many traces of blood". The same day, around 20 p.m., a young man was also shot at the exit of a tram, near the Vigneau complex, in Saint-Herblain. The victim died.

"It is not possible to indicate at this stage whether these three episodes are linked," says the public prosecutor.

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