A new component in the SNU folder. As early as his 2017 campaign, Emmanuel Macron had affirmed his intention for a national service of "short, mandatory and universal duration". The project takes on more bodies as the days go by. According to Politis, the executive is pushing for a generalization of the universal national service.

Concretely, teachers or school heads will be able to apply for a call for projects on the subject from the beginning of the next school year in order to obtain a label. Then, a stay of 12 days on school time could be proposed to one or more classes of second.

Participants rewarded on Parcoursup

However, this system could be applied on a voluntary basis: young people who do not wish to do their SNU will not be forced. On the other hand, the participants will then be rewarded on Parcoursup. During the camp, students will wear the uniform, attend the raising of the colors and sing the Marseillaise every morning.

As a reminder, the Universal National Service is aimed at young French people aged 15 to 17. It consists of a two-week cohesion stay in a boarding school, a mission of general interest of at least 84 hours and an optional third phase (including for current participants) of voluntary commitment, by registering in the civic reserve or carrying out a civic service, for example.

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