A recognition inspired by the multifaceted genius of the scientist Leonardo da Vinci that rewards every year those who in their life or career have distinguished themselves for popular, scientific and social commitment.

The Leonardo Prize 2023, in Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno), saw among the winners Mirko Cazzato, founder of the youth movement against bullying "Mabasta", for his social commitment, and the 'prof' of very 'social' physics Vincenzo Schettini for scientific dissemination.

Within the event, however, a special recognition, for courage and human beauty, was given to Lucio Cammarota, the father-walker from Salerno who became a symbol of awarenesson autism.

Father of a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a slight alteration of the autism spectrum, Lucio embraced his son's path to autonomy and improvement by setting out on a journey too.

After the diagnosis made to his son, he made a promise to himself: if the son made progress he would commit himself to take real, concrete steps, starting to walk.

And so he changed his life, becoming an amateur runner and already has several 'goals' achieved. Through his exploits as a 'walker' he wants to keep the attention on children suffering from autism spectrum pathologies, on the need for there to be more understanding towards them to make them feel inserted into the social fabric.

There are many challenging paths; the last one of 276 kilometers that, last year, took him on foot from Salerno to Rome in 5 days to reach St. Peter's Square.


Lucio Cammarota

In June, the most difficult task awaits him, the one that will lead him to travel the entire road to Santiago de Compostela.

A new endurance test to turn the spotlight once again on the word autism.