A jealous woman in Argentina resorts to a strange solution to make sure her partner is faithful

A very jealous woman was arrested in Argentina, who locked her boyfriend in her home for three days to make sure he was loyal.

In the details, police rescued, last Saturday, in La Plata, Argentina, a man, 29, from a locked room in his lover's house, and said that she locked him up for more than 72 hours after an argument with her, and that she removed WhatsApp from his phone and then smashed it to prevent him from talking to others, and then locked him in a room, but he managed to steal her phone and sent a message to a friend to ask for help.

Police arrested the woman, released the man, whom he said she had been jealous of since the beginning of their relationship, and went so far as to limit when he would return to her if he went out with friends.

The man added that she told him that she had detained him to make sure he was not cheating on her, according to Oddity Central.