50 years after her death. um Kulthum is preparing to present a new song thanks to "artificial intelligence"

About 5 decades after her death, the Egyptian composer Amr Mostafa decided to revive the voice of the planet of the East um Kulthum, using artificial intelligence technology, by releasing a new song composed by him.
Mustafa promoted the song, which is scheduled to be released soon through his official accounts on social networking sites, and published a short clip of the song and commented: "Over the course of 24 years, I have presented many melodies for the stars of the Arab world, and recently with the development of technology and artificial intelligence, I would like to hear if the planet of the East, Mrs. um Kulthum, sang composed by Amr Mustafa, and it will be the result."

He continued: "Let's hear the voice of the planet of the East um Kulthum composed by Amr Mustafa, and soon you will hear the full song."

Despite the interaction of a large number of audience and followers with the video expressing their enthusiasm to hear the full song, producer Mohsen Gaber objected to the Egyptian artist's move to re-present um Kulthum's songs in the manner of artificial intelligence, explaining that no one dares to present this matter to evoke the voice of the planet East.
Jaber said in a statement: No one, including the artist Amr Mostafa - despite my close relationship with him - dares to use artificial intelligence, to evoke the voice of the planet East, Mrs. um Kulthum, or to use her name and image, as there are eternal moral rights that are not subject to statute of limitations.
He stressed that he is taking legal action over what he called "a farce or tampering with um Kulthum's voice", as um Kulthum is a great symbol that no one should copy, distort or tamper with.

It is noteworthy that the planet of the East um Kulthum died in Cairo on the third of February 1975 after a long artistic journey.