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Rep. Lee Sung-man, who was implicated in the Democratic National Convention money envelope allegations, is the first sitting lawmaker to be investigated by prosecutors.

Rep. Lee Sung-man denies the allegations, saying that he did not give or deliver money, but reporter Kang Min-woo interviewed what the prosecution is investigating against the lawmaker.

<Reporter> Rep. Lee Sung-man,

an independent who is accused of being involved in distributing at least 900 million won in envelopes of money to the regional head of the campaign camp during last year's Democratic National Convention.

He appeared at the prosecutor's office and said that he would confidently face the investigation and prove his innocence.

[Rep. Lee Sung-man/Independent: I don't give any money, I don't give it to you.]

Referring to the so-called "Lee Jung-geun transcript," which contained the circumstances of the money transfer that served as the background for the summons, he raised the possibility of malicious editing.

[Rep. Lee Sung-man/Independent: We will resolutely oppose any attempt to illegally leak unconfirmed facts and inflate suspicions to condemn them as a court of public opinion.]

During the 11-hour investigation, prosecutors reportedly focused on the details of the funding and delivery, as well as who the lawmaker and the regional head of the district headquarters were responsible for receiving the envelopes.

Prosecutors plan to call independent Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok, who is accused of delivering 300 envelopes containing 20 million won and 6 million won to lawmakers, as a suspect next week.

Earlier, the prosecutor's office said that after more than a month of investigating the people involved and analyzing the evidence, they also identified a number of active members of the National Assembly who fell into the "group of recipients" of the money bags.

The summoning of other active members of the Democratic Party and former Representative Song Young-gil, who is considered the culmination of the allegations, is also close at hand.

(Video Interview: Kim Nam Nam, Video Editing: Park Jung-sam)