The police separated the child from his family because the video of the assault captured something disturbing. Even though she was unilaterally assaulted by her parents, brother, and other family members, she never resisted. The police are looking into whether they have engaged in "gaslighting" to psychologically take over and make them lose their judgment.

Reporter Kwang-hyun Polar covered it.

police took the step of separating the child to a custodial institution three days later because the unusual circumstances were found in additional CCTV footage obtained a day earlier.

The child was severely assaulted by her parents and brother, but she could not resist at all.

Especially after my mom appeared, I knelt down on the side of the road and accepted the assault without resistance.

[Ji Hyun Kwak, a lawyer specializing in children's rights: Because they are now assaulting me to the point of concussion so that my skull keeps touching the floor, I don't show any resistance at all, and when I hit them, they are being beaten and dragged around.]

Violence is also something that the police are looking out for.

Because even though it was early in the morning, a whole family gang-raped their youngest daughter on the side of the main street in front of the apartment complex, where people were coming and going.

[Ji Hyun Kwak, a lawyer specializing in children's rights: There are cars next to me and pedestrians passing by, so even though I am aware of this, this child is just my property, I think I have this perception.]

The shelter for abused children and the police, who are protecting the child, conducted an in-depth consultation with the child today (19th) to check the circumstances of gaslighting, which can take over the child's mind and cause him to lose his judgment.

Based on the child's statement, the police will further investigate the parents and decide whether and how to bring criminal charges.

(Video Interview: Park Jin-ho, Video Editing: Shin Se-eun)

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