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Inside an expensive luxury bag, at first glance, there is a huge amount of bills.

A Chinese tourist lost his car at a shopping mall in Dongdaemun, Jung-gu, Seoul, on the 16th.

Inside the bag were 500 million won in cash and two credit cards, which were actively reported by the citizen who acquired them and were able to retrieve them.

It was more than 2 hours after Mr. A lost his bag when he went to the Dongdaemun Center of the Seoul Tourist Police to ask for help.

The bag was not found at the scene, and it was confirmed that the bag was registered as a lost item on Lost 11, a comprehensive lost property management system.

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The police found the Kwanghee Constabulary where the bag was stored and handed over the bag to Mr. A safely.

It was 50 minutes after the report of the loss was received.

It is reported that the citizen who reported the bag found the bag on the stairs while passing by at about half past 12 noon, and left it at the Gwanghee Constabulary of the Central Police Station, which is a five-minute walk away.

People reacted by saying, "You were very surprised, this is K-conscience," "It's a combination of a citizen who is alert to report and a police officer who is quick to judge the situation," and "It's an experience that you can't easily get on the mainland."