"Superfoods" avoid walking 4,<> steps a day

A recent scientific study showed that adhering to a healthy diet can be as beneficial as walking an additional 4000,<> steps a day to maintain fitness, and scientists found that adding "superfoods" to the diet can promote fitness without the need for exercise, and that it improves overall health.

In addition, adopting a nutritious diet improves metabolism and helps the body process calories and absorb good foods.
Study author Michael Mei, from Harvard University in Boston, explained that healthy dietary patterns are strongly associated with fitness, even after taking into account levels of physical activity, and that the improvement in fitness is similar to the effect of walking by 4000,<> steps per day.

There are many health benefits of a high-quality diet, and this study offers another reason why it's linked to fitness, Mei said.

The study showed that people who followed a Mediterranean-style diet, which included fruits, vegetables and whole grains, had a high level of fitness.

The definition of healthy eating is often one that contains dietary fiber, such as vegetables and fruits. Whole grains, such as wheat, oats, and flaxseed. It is free of any additives to preservatives, hormones, or pesticides. And food rich in vitamins and minerals, such as: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, radish, celery, wheat germ, and seaweed. And eat nuts because they contain monounsaturated fats. Eat seafood, such as fish and shrimp. Drink large amounts of water because it helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. Eat fat in small quantities, and replace animal oils with olive oil. In addition to fresh natural juices. And food that contains a high percentage of antioxidants, such as: onions, garlic, green tea, and others.