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A group of people who broadcast
illegal gambling scenes live online 24 hours a day and induced them to sign up for a gambling site were caught by the police. The money deposited by the people who came in after watching this broadcast alone amounts to 450 billion won.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae covered it.

A man with
sunglasses and a mask covering his face bets money on an online casino.

[The odds of winning are the worst.]

While broadcasting illegal gambling scenes live on YouTube, we will even guide you on how to sign up.

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Since June last year, Mr. A's group, who are junior high school classmates and seniors and juniors in the neighborhood, have set up an office in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, and have been broadcasting their own "baccarat" gambling on YouTube 6 hours a day.

After posting the address of the social media chat room in the channel chat room, when users entered the channel, they were directed to the gambling site.

[Lee Sang-won/Head of Investigation Division 24, Seoul Mapo Police Station: YouTube is an unlimited place where anyone can watch it without restrictions, so a lot of people gather and they get addicted to gambling....]

In order to avoid being tracked by the police, they bought other people's accounts and ran 2 YouTube channels, with a total of more than 33,23 subscribers.

The amount of money deposited into gambling accounts by people who flowed into gambling sites in this way reached 450 billion won.

It was investigated that Mr. A received 8 million won in cash from the operator of a gambling site in exchange for collecting members, and paid his accomplices an allowance of 300 million won to 1 million won per month.

Police officials warned that illegal gambling is basically a structure in which the gambling house has no choice but to gain an advantage, so the probability of winning money is low, and there is no way to get legal redress because the moment you use the gambling site, you become a suspect.

(Video Interview: Yang Ji-hoon, Video Editing: Park Jung-sam)