Nurses who protested against the President's veto of the Nursing Bill have accused the ruling party and the government of spreading falsehoods about the bill.

The Korean Nursing Association held a "National Condemnation Convention to Condemn the Veto of the Nursing Law and Combat Corrupt Politics" in the Gwanghwamun area of Seoul this afternoon (19th).

Nurses and nursing students who attended the rally marched through the streets, saying they would judge the politicians and bureaucrats who led to the president's veto.

In a statement, the nursing association said, "The Nursing Law has already been drafted by the National Assembly's Health and Welfare Committee, reflecting the needs and concerns of all the professions, and passed the plenary session with 179 opposition lawmakers voting in favor of it," and claimed that "despite this, the People's Power and the Ministry of Health and Welfare recommended a veto to the president based on the false allegations of the opposing groups."

They said, "The nursing bill has been sent back to the National Assembly due to the president's veto, but it is not easy to expect it to be voted on again," and "We will surely bring to justice the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who organized the general election planning team to bring the presidential veto."

The rally also held the inauguration ceremony of the General Election Planning Group of 16 provincial branches.

In its declaration for the launch of the General Election Planning Group, the association said, "We will judge those who created the fake frame of legislative monopoly, those who introduced the nursing law on behalf of the government and cowardly abandoned state affairs, so that they can never again be representatives of the people."

Some nurses have used their annual leave to take part in the struggle today, but it is not known how many nurses participated.

(Photo=Yonhap News)