Weather forecast for Thursday, May 18, 2023

It gets worse in the evening over the Northwest. Still unstable on the Central Tyrrhenian Sea. Weak instability in the South.



In the North, cloudiness and possible scattered rains over the Alps and Apennines, worsening in the evening starting from the Northwest. Better weather over the remaining northern regions with thick clouds and layers. Temperatures in the North will not undergo significant variations. Still instability on the central Tyrrhenian regions with scattered phenomena, especially on Tuscany and inland areas of Umbria and Lazio. Better weather with possible clearing over the central Adriatic regions. Steady or slightly increasing temperatures in the Center.


In the morning residual rains will still be possible on the Campania coasts and Tyrrhenian coasts of Basilicata and Calabria, as well as on the coasts of Molise. In the afternoon, however, there will be showers and some thunderstorms on Campania, Molise, Basilicata, Puglia, Cosentino Ionico, Crotonese and inland areas of Sardinia. On the major islands there will be, during the day, the transit of medium-high clouds that could cause, at most, some isolated and very weak rain on Sicily in the morning. Minimum temperatures will undergo few variations, with slight decreases on Sardinia and Sicily; The maximums are expected to rise slightly in general.