They asked the artificial intelligence who caused the death of Princess Diana and he responded by publishing the pictures of the accused! (View photos)


The "artificial intelligence" is still causing controversy and trouble, with its answers that do not flatter, are not afraid and do not fear the consequences, including what happened to a TikTok user when he asked "intelligence" last Sunday who caused the death of the British Princess Diana and her friend of Egyptian origin Emad Al-Fayed, in a car accident on the evening of August 31, 1997 in Paris, and the answer came to him lightning.

Instead of explaining in words, that the incident that killed the "Princess of Wales" at the age of 36, and her boyfriend, known as Dodi, was "act of God" as it is known, he responded by broadcasting 3 images quoted by the website of the Brazilian magazine Fórum: one of a lookalike to Britain's King Charles III, or perhaps his late father Prince Philip, the second of a woman who may be the late Queen Elizabeth II, and the third of a wrecked car, a reference to the one carrying Princess and Al-Fayed when she collided with a pole under the Alma bridge in the center of the French capital.

Although the photographs do not cure the curious and provide a clear and satisfactory theory, the response with portraits of two royal figures may suggest that at least the "ostensibly responsible" is traditionally unrepeatable since the incident, according to the Argentine news site Infobae.

The video about the "artificial intelligence" answer to the question caused a shocking echo with more than two million people who watched it in most parts of the world, although it is only 19 seconds long, in which the techtucker Raúl Gutiérrez says in Spanish: "I asked the artificial intelligence who is behind the death of Princess Diana, and he made these images," leaving the viewer to analyze the video answer himself.
The celebration of the coronation of Charles III as king on May 6, prompted many of the Bahraini on social networking sites, to use "artificial intelligence" to identify what the "Princess of Wales" would look like if she were alive now, including "Raul Gutiérrez" who posted on Twitter a picture of her, as she may now look about 61 years old, and said: "This is how Diana would have reached the coronation of her husband. She will be a great cosmopolitan woman, a social activist and a philanthropist, whose agenda is many times more busy than the king himself."

He then recounted in other tweets that she died in the accident, while trying to escape from photographers who were chasing her to take pictures of her with her partner "Dodi", who is 41 years old at the time. Then he talked about "artificial intelligence" that what is available online is intended for use aimed at excitement and attention, and stated that he asked "Tiktokia" about the cause of the death of the princess and her friend, and the response came in a few seconds.