The Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mushouh, stressed the need to lift the unjust unilateral sanctions on Syria, during her meeting with a delegation from the Syrian-French Friendship Association today at the ministry building.

"Syria's history and civilization look to the future and work to overcome all difficulties," she said.

The two sides stressed the importance of cooperation to convey the reality of the situation in Syria, noting that the subordination of French policy to America harms the interests of its people, and that it is time to inform French public opinion of the injustice inflicted by the unilateral blockade on the Syrian people.

It is noteworthy that the delegation included the President of the Syrian Friendship Association Didier Destromo, Dr. Fayez Al-Hosh, Vice President of the Syrian Friendship Association, former diplomatic writer Michel Rimbaud, researcher and former head of the Center for Strategic Studies Caroline Galacteros, Patricia Lalonde, and the director of the Africa Asia website Majid Nehme.

Kenana Ismail

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