Rapper Swings has made an unconventional move to convert paid concerts to free.

Yesterday (17th), Swings posted a rhyme on his personal social media, saying, "Today I'm going to talk about the AP concert on June 6rd."

"I had my own indiscretions," Swings said. Looking at the current state of gig sales, it's not ideal. I'm going to take responsibility," he said, adding, "I'm going to change it for free. I'm not going to get paid, so come play."

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Earlier, Swings announced that they were holding a joint concert for their label. The performance lasted about 150 minutes and was priced at 99,000 won for all seats.

Contrary to expectations that it would attract a lot of attention as it was a joint concert of five labels, the booking rate for the show was only about 5% of the 5,20-seat venue, even though the main cast members were revealed.

In response, Swings chose a "free performance" and explained, "I am most grateful to the people who paid for the tickets, so of course I will refund them, and I will secure the seats that you originally bought, so please come," and "5,<> people, I will shoot them."

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Swings added, "This year I thought there was a dissonance with our values. My pride was hurt. I didn't see it straight," he confided, adding, "I'm a big pride, so next year we're going to raise our values. I'm going to work hard, so stay tuned."

"If our value goes up as much as I think, I'd like to do it in the same place next year in euros. As a CEO, as a man, and as an AP representative, I promise."

Finally, Swings said, "The person who comes to mind the most at this moment is Phi Nation's CEO and Legend Psy. I don't know how many times I've sold out shows of this size in over 20 years, and I've been performing all night," he said, adding, "I'm grateful to get to know my subject matter and to have a humility lesson."

On the other hand, the 'AP Alchemy Compilation Concert in Seoul', which has been sold out as of the morning of the 18th as it has been changed to a free performance, will feature appearances by Swings, Giriboy, Blacknut, and Yang Hongwon.

(Photo = Swings, culturethink Instagram) (SBS SB Star) (SBS Entertainment News Editor Jeon Min-jae)