Pictures leaked from his 83rd birthday celebration yesterday. See how Adel Imam's shape has changed (photos)


Yesterday, May 17, marked the birthday of Egyptian star artist Adel Imam, who has been absent from the public for three years, amid talk of a return soon.

Pictures of the leader's 83rd birthday celebration at his home, accompanied by his family and very few close associates, were leaked to the media, and his manager Adel Suleiman confirmed that the photos were taken on Wednesday evening at Adel Imam's birthday celebration.

The leader appeared in the pictures with his manager as well as his brother Essam Imam, as well as the artist Khaled Sarhan, who participated alongside Adel Imam in a large number of works, most notably "The Danish Experience", "The Embassy in Architecture" and the series "Valentino". He is one of the artists that Imam always prefers to rely on.
Another photo showed artist Mustafa Haridi kissing the leader's hand. He participated with him in the film "Marjan Ahmed Morgan". The birthday was also attended by artists Yusra and Lebleba.
It is noteworthy that 3 years have passed since the last artistic appearance of Adel Imam, when he presented the series "Valentino". He then disappeared from the art scene, amid rumours haunting him about his health and talk of the difficulty of presenting new works.

However, his brother Essam Imam always denies such news, stressing the leader's return to the artistic scene, through a work he attends with his son Muhammad Adel Imam.

Recently, Rami Imam had revealed scenes from the leader's life, where he confirmed that he asked to buy him a dog two months ago, and indeed they bought a small dog for him, and he kept playing with him a lot.

He said he was addicted to solving crosswords, which became a habit for him, and he still reads newspapers to this day, things the leader is used to.

Rami Imam concluded his speech by stressing that he would like to watch his new film "Virtue and Grace" and will take him with him to watch it in the cinema when the time is right.