Today, 3,040,056 students began taking the final exams for the transitional classes for the second semester of the academic year 2022-2023, in 14,25 schools in various governorates, which will continue until the <>th of this month.

In a statement to SANA, Director of the Education Directorate at the Ministry of Education, Imad Hazeem, indicated that the ministry has taken a set of measures to complete the exams as required in terms of equipping exam centers, forming special committees to develop questions according to several forms and adopting them after studying them, printing questions, distributing students in classrooms, and distributing observers to centers, which ensures a comfortable and calm atmosphere for all students.

Hazeem stressed that in light of the field follow-up of the examination process, tours will be conducted by educational supervisors, specialists and workers in the directorate to many schools in the governorates, to see the reality, identify challenges, and overcome difficulties.

Hazeem stated that the type of questions posed is in line with the mechanism of building curricula approved by the ministry, which relied on the effectiveness of the learner and providing him with the necessary skills to apply all knowledge and concepts and their suitability to students' levels.

Hazeem explained that the educational process proceeded according to the approved lesson plan since the beginning of the school year, and all school units were completed, especially that the plan gives the teacher flexibility to deal with the curriculum according to the needs of learners, as for the governorates where the educational process stopped as a result of the earthquake, work has been done to compensate for the educational losses of learners coinciding with the return of the educational process in safe schools, and work has been done to intensify lessons on the educational space, educational platforms and platforms opened within the shelters.

In Damascus province, 280,600 students took the final exams, distributed over <> schools, and the conditions of the schools were monitored, which contributes to providing the appropriate environment for students to take their exams, according to Director of Education Suleiman Younis.

Younis said in a statement to SANA correspondent that they have completed their preparations for the final exams, and the necessary supplies have been secured and students have been received in the morning on the exam seats, and that work is underway as one team to complete the school year and its final exams with the concerted efforts of all educational staff.

In Rif Dimashq province, 650,1750 students took transitional exams in <>,<> schools, according to Education Director Maher Faraj, who pointed out that those concerned in the directorate conduct tours to supervise transitional exams, follow up on school conditions and secure a calm exam atmosphere for the success of the exam process.

Faraj pointed out that the questions were developed according to ministerial models and under the supervision of educational mentors and specialists to ensure their suitability and inclusion of the curriculum vocabulary and to measure the extent to which learners are able to master the scientific material.

In Tartous, 182246 students in all stages of transitional grades went to take the second and final semester exams for the academic year 2022-2023 at the level of Tartous governorate's 1126,<> schools.

The Director of Education in the governorate, Ali Shahoud, confirmed in a press statement the completion of all the necessary preparations and preparations for them, from securing exam papers and printing questions in schools, pointing to directing the frameworks of educational supervision and specialists to conduct supervisory and guidance tours, to ensure the safety of the exam questions and their comprehensiveness of the required courses and their conformity with the ministerial models circulated for the various academic levels, and to confirm the readiness of schools in terms of health, hygiene and public safety services while providing the appropriate atmosphere for students and students, so that they can perform Exams well and comfortably, wishing them success and scientific excellence.

The director of education in Sweida, Bassam Abu Mahmoud, explained that more than 90,477 students from the transitional classes took the second semester exams, distributed among <> schools on the governorate square.

He pointed out that the specialized mentors were assigned to conduct field tours and supervise the examination process in schools.

In Daraa, about 245983 pupils and students took transitional exams across the province.

The director of Daraa Education, Engineer Manhal Al-Amarin, said in a statement to SANA: 230169 students took the exams for the basic education stage, the first and second cycles, while 15814,<> male and female students took the exams for the secondary education stage in all its branches.

In the eastern countryside of Daraa, Radwan al-Mahmoud, supervisor of the administrative complex in the city of Busra al-Sham, told SANA: About 26403,<> students and students took exams in all schools in the eastern countryside, in light of the cooperation of the local community to secure all the requirements of the examination process.

In Aleppo, the Director of Education, Engineer Mustafa Abdul Ghani, explained in a statement to SANA correspondent that more than 550,1881 students went today to <> schools, to take the exams for the second semester in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

He pointed to the comprehensiveness of the questions and their suitability for all levels of students, in addition to that work has been done to compensate for the educational losses of students and students affected by the earthquake in the shelters.

In Homs, Director of Education Walid Marei said that nearly 322,1659 students, distributed over <>,<> schools in the province, rural and city, went to take exams, pointing to the work to achieve the principle of justice and equal opportunities for all students and students.

In Quneitra, Education Director Imad al-Asaad said the number of students who took the exams reached 97325,<>, distributed across all stages.

He added: The directorate has completed its preparations to receive the exam, in terms of printing questions, equipping exam halls, distributing observers and students to the halls, in addition to cleaning and sterilizing all exam centers.

In Deir Ezzor, Director of Education Jassim al-Fraih told SANA that the number of schools in the province reached 369, and the number of students is more than 160,<>.

He pointed out that the application of the health and hygiene protocol in all schools was emphasized, under the supervision of the School Health Department, and questions were printed for schools in the Examinations Department.

In Raqqa, Director of Education Firas al-Alou explained that the number of students applying for the second semester exams reached 35,122 students, distributed among <> schools spread in the liberated countryside.

In Hasakah, 180,<> students took the transitional exams for the second semester in the province's schools, where the Director of Education, Ilham Surkhan, indicated that the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the transitional exams are conducted optimally, as administrative and teaching cadres have been mobilized in educational complexes and schools.

In Latakia, transitional exams began today in 991 schools at the governorate level, and Director of Education Omran Abu Khalil explained that the number of students who took the exam reached 197,536 students, including 169,430 basic education, and 2739,797 secondary education, while the number of dropouts reached <>.

As for vocational education, Abu Khalil indicated that the exams were completed in accordance with ministerial instructions, and the number of students reached 5703,<> students distributed between industrial, commercial and women's secondary schools.

In Hama, Education Director Yahya Munajjid told SANA that 292143 male and female students from the basic education stage took the exams, while the number of students in the tenth and eleventh grades of secondary education reached about 29,<>.

In turn, the Director of Idlib Education, Nader Abdo, indicated that the total number of students and students applying for the second semester exams for the transitional grades in the province amounted to 8040, of whom 7840 are for the basic education stage, and the rest for secondary school, pointing out that all necessary measures and facilities have been taken to support students and students to present their exams as required, noting that the Directorate of Education worked to secure a comfortable exam atmosphere for students.


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