Is Maïwenn tired of questions about the choice of Johnny Depp as an actor in her film? Invited on the set of C à vous yesterday, the filmmaker could not help but respond sharply to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine who, after recalling the legal cases of the American actor, the first trial dating from 2020, as well as the boycott of which he is the subject, asked Maïwenn if the presence of Johnny Depp was "legitimate".

Too bad for you

"Listen, I approached Johnny before his trials, so... " she said, finally blowing. "I love the actor, when there were the trials, I didn't see myself taking the role away from him because there were these trials."

And to conclude: "If you do not like my answer, too bad. Me, I am inhabited by the films I write. I carried this film for seventeen years, I love the actor, I'm not intimate with him, we've never had dinner one-on-one, we don't talk about the too intimate subjects of his life, and that's it. »

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