On Wednesday evening, a young man was killed in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, by the passenger of a two-wheeler who shot at him near a tram station before fleeing, the prosecutor's office said. An investigation was opened for "murder".

According to the first findings, "the victim, whose identification is not yet certain, was hit by three shots including one in the chest which could be the fatal shot," said in a statement the prosecutor of the Republic of Nantes, Renaud Gaudeul. An autopsy must take place on Friday, and the territorial direction of the judicial police of Nantes is seized of the case, "under the qualification of assassination," he said.

Three shootings in 24 hours

This murder is one of "three episodes of gunfire that the city of Nantes has been the scene of in the last 24 hours," laments the magistrate, stressing that "it is not possible to indicate at this stage if these three episodes are linked".

The police had already been called Wednesday around 15:30 p.m. after "several shots by firearm", not far from the scene of the murder. They had found "the presence of eight impacts on the glass door of a building" as well as "many traces of blood" but no victim had been discovered, on site or in hospital.

The latest "episode" of gunfire in the suburbs of Nantes occurred Thursday, around 2:30 am, in a gas station, during an "altercation" between the occupants of two vehicles, for reasons still undetermined. An individual had pulled out a weapon and fired at two occupants of the other vehicle. "If the days of one of them, touched to the lower limbs, do not seem in danger, it is not the same for the second, hit in the chest," explains the magistrate. An investigation for attempted murder has also been opened for these facts.

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