Felix Semper Celebrates Sustainability at Abu Dhabi Book Festival

  • Félix's best-known work is made entirely of glued layers of paper, cut wood, books and recycled materials. Archival


The 32nd edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair celebrates sustainability as a central theme by organising a number of events to highlight sustainability methods and global best practices.

Among the events, seminars and dialogue sessions that will be dedicated to talking about sustainability in its comprehensive concept, and ways to activate it in various fields, such as climate and food security, the exhibition will host a group of the most important international activists in this field, perhaps one of the most prominent of which is the international artist Felix Semper, who specializes in the use of paper materials and environmentally friendly materials remarkably, and who is famous for his rubber paper sculptures that simulate the mind, and his constant passion for searching for new ways to integrate the materials of daily life into his works.

During his years of experience, Felix Semper was able to redefine the concept of traditional sculpture, as he succeeded in replacing the elements that are difficult to decompose and present in large quantities in our daily lives, which would harm the environment, contrary to what sustainability is based on in its general concept, such as papers, books, wood and vinyl records (old musical records), with the traditional materials used by most sculptors around the world, such as rocks, stones and trees, creating his own style that combines beauty and sustainability in the masterpieces he produces.

Although his stretchable paper works and sculptures derived from pop culture at first glance seem to be made of stone or hard materials, in reality they are made entirely of glued layers of paper, cut wood, books and recycled materials, and their flexible mobility gives them a playful character that adds aesthetics not only to his sculptures, but also to his paintings, which in turn carry a character close to Street paintings and graffiti. Visitors to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair can enjoy a collection of works by Felix Semper, which he created specifically for his participation in the activities of the 32nd edition, and was inspired by Abu Dhabi's heritage and history, its most prominent tourist attractions and iconic buildings, and attend live performances and workshops throughout the days of the fair, which runs until May 28.