Artist Tony Al-Amir broke out of everything that is familiar in the world of plastic arts through his solo exhibition, the first of its kind in Syria, which specializes in the art of assembling puzzle pieces, entitled "The Basel Museum".

The exhibition, organized by the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Roumaneh, included a collection of paintings of different sizes and themes between nature and some international paintings by famous painters around the world, in addition to contemporary paintings, portraits and others.

Speaking to SANA's cultural correspondent, the prince said: "My hobby began to install puzzles since childhood, and one of my favorite games that attracted me and I continued to install, but during the past ten years and during the years of the war on Syria, my attachment to this hobby increased more until the number of paintings hanging on the walls of my house reached approximately thirty-two puzzle paintings."

The prince explained that the number of puzzle pieces needed by the painting starts from 500 pieces and a painting measuring 50 times 35 centimeters comes out, and the number of pieces ranges to 13200,3 pieces and forms a wall painting measuring 1×5.<> meters and requires techniques according to color, subject, image, and most importantly the number of pieces and their shape, pointing out that their installation needs a tight plan and continuity in addition to patience and not despair.

The Prince pointed out that he enjoys a lot during the periods he spends in completing paintings, which may need only one painting for more than two years, starting from the first piece and the formation of the frame to the last puzzle cube, when he feels the happiness of achievement and stands in front of it in the end to remind him of the stages and stations that he went through, and his passion grows and he is enthusiastic about installing more paintings with accuracy, colors and different topics, which he considered out of the ordinary and raises eyebrows around him.

The prince put forward multiple possibilities in terms of the number of pieces and subjects depicted in his paintings, which took years of hard work and searching for puzzle pieces, collecting and installing them, there are paintings in which the number of composite pieces is large and their topics are complex, unlike some other pieces whose subject matter was considered relatively easy.

The prince hoped that this type of art would become a refuge for individuals to fill leisure time with what is useful mentally and psychologically, as it is a first-class mental means that depends on concentration, deep thinking, mental planning and experience to reach a solution to a problem.

It is noteworthy that the artist Tony Al-Amir holds a degree in music, specializing in the wind bass, works as a teacher at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus and a senior bassant in the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra.

Amani Farrouj

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