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Lee Keun, a former captain of the Naval Special Warfare Group (UDT/SEAL), expressed his frustration at the controversy surrounding him and expressed his willingness to respond strongly.

In a video released on the YouTube channel 'Drinking Alcohol Today' on the 17th, Lee Keun said, "There are a lot of people who expose it because it makes money. It's all a lie," he said, pointing to a political YouTube channel that claimed he had problems with his career and personal life.

Lee Keun explained, "They claimed that they impersonated my work experience at the United Nations and released all the materials such as my UN passport." "They were trying to make me a murderer," he said, adding, "There was a woman who died while skydiving, and I wasn't an instructor at the time, I wasn't there, and she wasn't my girlfriend." The YouTube channel is making false claims due to the fact that Lee Keun was a skydiving instructor at the time of the accident. They said it was because there were a lot of cases that were prosecuted."

Lee Keun also revealed his feelings about the YouTuber foot-and-mouth disease, who is openly attacking him. "I was told that he was attacking celebrities after he was stopped at the entrance of a certain club. Because his life is difficult, he even lies (by choosing a celebrity). It's too bad."

In addition, Lee Keun also said of his former agency, Musat, that it was a "fraudulent company." Musat is also the company that produced "Fake Man," in which Lee Keun starred.

"Someday, the truth will be revealed, but until the truth is revealed, the damage will remain," Lee Keun said, expressing his frustration, adding, "In the future, I will sue all but one of those who spread false information. It's important to take revenge without a single person."

Ji Ji-ryeon, who was listening to Lee Keun's story, said, "You don't have to be swept away by anyone. It took me over 2020 years to clear up misconceptions about me. With the passage of time, the truth will be revealed."

[Photo = YouTube Channel 'Drinking Ceremony Today']

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)