A driver in his 60s who sexually harassed an elementary school student in a vehicle he was driving and even told him not to tell the director about it has been sentenced to prison.

Today (18th), the Criminal Division 12 of the Daejeon District Law (presiding judge Na Sang-hoon) announced that it sentenced Mr. A (13), who was charged with violating the Special Law on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (forcibly molesting minors under the age of 67), to two years and six months in prison.

He also ordered the completion of 2 hours of a sexual violence treatment program and a five-year restriction on employment in institutions related to children, adolescents, and persons with disabilities.

Mr. A was brought to trial on charges of sexually harassing Miss B, an elementary school student using his school vehicle, on five occasions until the middle of the same month, including making Miss B, an elementary school student, sit in the back seat of the driver's seat, holding Miss B's hand and acupressure her, which he said was pretty, and then suddenly touching Miss B because she was "pretty."

In particular, at the time of the crime, Mr. A said to Miss B, "I have a crush on you, and you should not like me. Don't tell the director," and he is also accused of emotionally abusing her (a violation of the Child Welfare Act).

The court noted that "Mr. A has no other criminal history and the degree of physical abuse is not serious, but his guilt is not light, considering the age of the accused, the place of the crime, and his relationship with the accused."

"Victim B had nightmares about this incident and became reluctant to associate with her friends," he said, and sentenced her to two years and six months in prison.