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After the President's veto of the "Nursing Law"
yesterday (16th), the nursing association held a press conference a little while ago to discuss whether to take collective action. The nursing association decided to take annual leave the day after tomorrow and hold a large rally to continue the fight for compliance.

I'm Nam Joo-hyun.

<Reporter> The Nursing Association, which met late last night condemning the veto of the
nursing bill,
has come up with the first round of collective action.

First, we decided to hold a massive rally in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, the day after tomorrow.

The association said it would not strike for the lives and safety of the people, but would carry out collective action through organized annual strikes.

The association also decided to refuse to direct doctors to practice illegal medicine.

From today, it is our policy to refuse anything that is not a nurse's work, such as surrogate prescriptions, surrogate surgeries, and surrogate records.

In addition, we decided to inform the public by distributing posters and handouts exposing the government's ruling party's falsehoods about the nursing law, and to promote the re-enactment of the nursing law in the National Assembly by campaigning for the return of nurses' licenses and launching a general election planning group.

Earlier, the Medical Solidarity welcomed the veto yesterday when representatives of various occupations came together and put on hold the general strike scheduled for today.

[Park Myung-ha, Chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Committee of the Korean Medical Association: The solidarity general strike planned for the 1th will be put on hold until the National Assembly re-votes after deep anguish over the need to protect the people's right to health....]

The Medical Solidarity has called off the general strike, but with the nursing association holding a massive rally this week and taking collective action, it seems that the rift between the health care professions will not be easily bridged anytime soon.

(Video Interview: Joo Yong-jin, Video Editing: Choi Hye-young)