• The mayor of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins announced his resignation on the evening of May 10.
  • Yannick Morez was the target of threats from opponents of a project for a reception center for migrants in his commune.
  • His home and vehicles were also the target of an unclaimed arson attack.

A few hours before meeting with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, Yannick Morez, the resigning mayor of the commune of Saint-Brevin (Loire-Atlantique), was heard this Wednesday noon by a commission of senators. He explained at length the context of his resignation: the construction project of Cada carried by the State, the rise of the protest coming from a collective supported by the extreme right, "the articles on social networks", "the insults", "the threats", "the vile leaflets". Until the attack that targeted his home on the night of March 21 to 22. "Probably an explosive device thrown between my two vehicles, they caught fire and it spread to my home. We were in the house. Fortunately we were woken up by the noises. Everything was burning. I took a blow on the head that day. »

Yannick Morez also expressed his feeling of a "flagrant lack of support from the State", explaining that he had repeatedly alerted the gendarmerie, the public prosecutor, the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique of the existence of threats. "It really felt like we were never taken seriously." The elected official also accuses the authorities of not having responded to his request for enhanced protection after the attack on his home, or of not having banned the demonstration organized by the extreme right in his commune on April 29. "There was damage, a burned car, a lot of damage. I wrote to the prefect on April 30 to deplore his lack of support and ask him to reimburse him for the damage. »

"We didn't want to go through this anymore"

It was finally insults received by an activist of the collective while he was on the terrace of a café on the weekend of May 1 that convinced him to give up. "We didn't want to go through this anymore, my wife didn't want to meet that kind of person anymore. That is why I have decided to resign. And to leave the commune. A well-considered decision, he assures, even if he did not expect "this resignation to cause so much turmoil". "I had time to think carefully. I will not go back. In any case, I had decided not to run again. »

#SaintBrevin: "Is my decision reversible? I won't go back, anyway I decided not to run again in 2026." Yannick Morez, resigning mayor pic.twitter.com/DoW6MfytU2

— Public Senate (@publicsenat) May 17, 2023

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Bitter, Yannick Morez also returned to the statements of the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, Fabrice Rigoulet-Rose, on May 11, ensuring that the support of the State had been "permanent". "When the prefect says he organized public meetings: on behalf of a prefect, brazenly lying in public... He represents the state anyway. He knows full well that he has not held public meetings. We have all the evidence. Just ask him the date, he will not be able to provide any. (...) When he tells the press that he had me regularly on the phone: the day I submitted my resignation was the second time. As for the sub-prefect, I had him on the phone on the day of the fire, since never again. »

At the conclusion of his hearing, Yannick Morez, hopes that his resignation will have at least been useful to other mayors facing similar situations: "if I can at least end this political career by having moved the lines for mayors. The constraints are increasingly important. »

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