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For our tests, we first took into account the design of each diffuser (aesthetics, material quality, cord length, etc.). We then looked at the practicality of their filling (measuring glass present, maximum capacity respected, etc.). We then checked that all the modes and features present worked well and timed the execution time of the intermittent mode. We ended up analyzing the height of the mist produced, the noise of the devices as well as their difficulty of cleaning.

The selection of the 4 best essential oil diffusers to choose in 2023:

  • Stadler Jasmine: the most elegant
  • Air Wick Essential Mist: the most affordable
  • Ellia Rgather: the real decorative object
  • Beurer LA 40: perfect for small rooms

Stadler Jasmine: the most elegant

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This diffuser with an elegant look seduced us with its ease of use and cleaning. It diffuses the oils either at intervals or continuously and is equipped with an automatic shutdown. The diffuser is equipped with a 100 ml tank allowing it to have an autonomy of 24 hours and it stops automatically when there is no more water. Nevertheless, we do not advise you to put the device in a room because the LEDs are a little too intense. Finally, note that the device can be ordered in several colors (white, brown, red, black and gray).

The most:

  • Stylish look
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Multiple modes of dissemination
  • 100 ml tank
  • 24-hour battery life


  • LEDs a little too bright

Air Wick Essential Mist: the most affordable

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With its more than affordable price, this diffuser is ideal for all rooms. It gently diffuses odors, without them being annoying. During our tests, we liked its programming system because we were able to choose between 3 broadcast speeds. In addition, when ordering, you receive one or more refills depending on your model. However, these refills are specific to the brand and therefore leave less freedom than a conventional diffuser. Note that a vial can last up to 45 days.

The most:

  • Very affordable price
  • Ideal for all rooms
  • Good programming system
  • 3 broadcast speeds
  • Gift of one or more refills when ordering


  • Brand-specific refills

Ellia Rgather: the real decorative object

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This ultrasonic diffuser is a real decorative object. Made of wood and ceramic, it is quite heavy and imposing. Thanks to its remote control, it is possible to broadcast 6 noises / music on 5 levels of volume. It also offers 3 light intensities with various colors. Unfortunately, contrary to the Amazon description, we did not receive any essential oil when ordering. The device is also not equipped with a timer and therefore you have to stop it yourself or wait until the tank is empty (it takes about 10 hours).

The most:

  • Real decorative object
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Can stream 6 noises on 5 volume levels
  • Offers 3 light intensity, with various colors


  • No essential oil included in the order
  • No timer

Beurer LA 40: Perfect for small rooms

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This last diffuser is elegant and seemed very qualitative to us. Indeed, it is made of bamboo and porcelain, which makes its appearance very pleasant. In addition, it offers a broadcast by cycles with timer, an automatic shutdown in case of empty tank, as well as a colorful ambient light function. We also found it very convenient for diffusion in smaller rooms (up to 20 m²). Nevertheless, during our tests, the water present in the base became warm very quickly (after 1 hour of use), which is not ideal to keep all the properties of essential oils.

The most:

  • Elegant and qualitative
  • Cycle streaming with timer
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Mood lighting function
  • Convenient for small rooms


  • Warm stand after 1 hour of use

Other models tested

  • Pranarôm Bulle: We found that it lacked features and its glass ball is very fragile. It is also very noisy
  • Beurer LA 40: The base has become very warm after 1 hour of use, which prevents essential oils from keeping their properties
  • Amazon Basics EP60121UK-G1-2: This model unfortunately only works with an English plug. This detail was not specified on the Amazon site
  • Puressentiel Ultrasonic Diffuser Clip & Diffuse Plug: We found this model very impractical. It includes no stop timer and consumes the essential oil too quickly
  • Pranarôm UGO: This diffuser also consumes the essential oil too quickly and it has no automatic shutdown
  • Medisana AD 625 : We found this model very unergonomic

5 key criteria for choosing your essential oil diffuser

According to our product experts, here are the key criteria to consider when choosing your essential oil diffuser.

The type of diffuser

  • The nebulizing diffuser is the most effective because it diffuses particles of pure essential oils. It is ideal for large spaces
  • The ultrasonic diffuser (or fogger), on the other hand, is effective for smaller rooms. It is also silent and less fragile than the nebulizing diffuser

Essential oils

  • Avoid using essential oils rich in phenols as these are very irritating
  • Be careful, not all oils are necessarily made to be diffused. Inquire before any purchase

LED light

  • For better comfort, it is interesting to favor a modular LED lighting, allowing you to use a fixed color and cut the lighting according to your desires
  • If desired, there are diffusers equipped with a night light

Precautions for use

  • Be careful never to exceed 20 minutes of diffusion and remove the diffuser while you sleep
  • Animals are very sensitive to essential oils and may not react well to their contact

Additional options

  • The automatic shutdown is very convenient. It allows you to save essential oils by automatically shutting down the device after a while
  • Make sure the diffuser diffuses the oils evenly for efficiency

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