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The meeting between actors Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee was unannounced.

On the 17th, a media outlet reported, "The two people who were supposed to appear in the drama 'The Price of Confession' decided not to do the work after discussions. Sim Na Yeon PD, who was supposed to direct, also decided not to join."

In response, officials from Song Hye-kyo's agency, UAA, and Han So-hee's agency, 9ATO Entertainment, said, "It is difficult to confirm regarding the cancellation of the appearance," and "Please contact the production company for details."

'The Price of Confession' is a bloody chronicle of two women surrounding a murder case and is produced by Studio Dragon. Above all, this work made a big splash with the co-casting of Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee.

The two actors shared messages of support on each other's social media after the casting news, showing their extraordinary friendship even before filming. As much as it was a casting that fans had high expectations for, there is also a lot of interest in the background of the drop-off.

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)