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A gang was caught smuggling drugs into
the country by buying drugs in Vietnam and hiding them in their bodies. They used throwing methods to distribute drugs throughout the metropolitan area, with buyers ranging in age from teenagers to 10s.

This is Kim Hyung-rae.


A man pulls something out of his pocket, hides it in a mailbox in a building, and hurries away.

Later, another man rummages through the mailbox and picks up his belongings.

What they traded was ketamine, a drug brought in from Vietnam at a low price.

Police said they arrested 60 people, including Mr. A, who smuggled drugs from Vietnam and distributed them in the country, and arrested 10 people who bought drugs from them.

Police detained 64 of them and sought additional arrest warrants for three of the smugglers.

Mr. A and others are suspected of purchasing narcotics at low prices in Vietnam and distributing them in large quantities in the country from November last year until recently.

In particular, Mr. B, a smuggler who is a friend of Mr. A, was caught by the police while trying to hide drugs worth 13 million won, including 3 grams of ketamine, which is the dosage of more than 11,5 people, between his legs.

[I've been arrested for smuggling drugs, and I'm going to search my phone, body, and belongings.]

They distributed smuggled drugs through Telegram in a so-called "throwing" scheme to Seoul, Bucheon, Incheon, and other metropolitan areas, with buyers ranging in age from their late teens to their early 308s.

Police have seized 2 million won of the proceeds of crime and are tracking down the original sales in Vietnam.

(Video editing: Lee So-young)