• On the night of Thursday to Friday, little Chloé was found dead in the family apartment in Courbevoie.
  • The perpetrator, his father, Mickaël Rouffiac, stabbed himself in the throat before jumping from the 2nd floor. He has since succumbed to his injuries.
  • Several complaints had been filed against him by his ex-wife, whose lawyer evokes a "climate of psychological violence for years".

So there will probably never be a trial. Less than 48 hours after fatally stabbing Chloé, his 5-year-old daughter, Mickaël Rouffiac succumbed to his injuries. On the night of Thursday to Friday, while the police had just broken down the door of the family apartment, located in a quiet area of Courbevoie, this 41-year-old computer engineer, who had just started an MBA in a major business school, stabbed himself in the throat before jumping from the 2nd floor. The investigation, opened by the Nanterre prosecutor's office for murder, nevertheless continues.

Taken to hospital in critical condition, the girl's father was never heard. The first elements, however, leave little doubt as to the context of the crime: Chloé was probably killed in the context of the conflict between Mickaël Rouffiac and his ex-wife. "This man was trying by all means to destroy his ex. Killing his daughter is the worst he could do to reach her, "says the mother's lawyer, Migueline Rosset. According to our information, he had been sentenced on 16 March to an awareness-raising course on domestic violence as part of a criminal composition. Two weeks earlier, his ex-girlfriend, a Chinese girlfriend, had filed a complaint against him for violence without disability.

Cameras in the apartment, a snitch in the phone

While this procedure is the only one of which the Public Prosecutor's Office is currently aware, it has urgently requested the communication of any complaints. The young woman claims to have filed, between March and April, three other complaints for violence and one for rape. "For years, my client had been living in a climate of psychological violence, there were cameras in the apartment, she was geolocated, monitored. And in recent months, the violence was also physical, "says Migueline Rosset. Mickaël Rouffiac had also asked in recent weeks many times for justice. He would have filed five complaints against his ex-girlfriend, including for violence, blackmail, slanderous denunciation. When contacted, his lawyer did not respond to our requests.

On April 29, his ex-girlfriend had finally left the apartment, supported by an association that had found him a place in a social hotel. Although she had initially left without her daughter, she finally got her back, five days later, with the help of her lawyer. Mickaël Rouffiac then filed a complaint and pasted posters in the building to try to obtain "information". He had finally seen Chloé again on May 10, while the family court of Nanterre was considering the application for a protection order. At the hearing, the computer scientist had highlighted reciprocal violence. An argument that did not convince the magistrates, who issued a protection order the next day, prohibiting him from contacting his former partner and transferring parental authority to the latter.

"He wanted to annihilate it"

"Justice has not failed, the case of this woman has been taken very seriously," insists her lawyer. But she fell into a trap" After the hearing, Mickaël Rouffiac goes home with his daughter. According to our information, the next day, just informed of the court's decision, he calls his ex-wife to tell her that according to the order, he is packing his bags and is about to leave the apartment. But no sooner has the young woman arrived than the situation escalates.

Around midnight, the neighbors, alerted by the screams, call the police. When they arrived, Chloe was still alive, certified her mother, who managed to get out of the apartment. But Mickaël Rouffiac refuses to let her out. The girl will be found, a few minutes later, lying in the bathtub. Was his gesture premeditated? The investigation, in any case, was opened for murder, which implies preparatory acts. "He was determined to break up his wife," insists his lawyer. He had gone so far as to call his employer to say that she was delivering information to their competitors. That was wrong, of course. He wanted to destroy her, he used his daughter. »

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