"Margot Robbie is beauty and femininity power XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL" says Jean-Louis. And he is not the only one since he is the star who has collected all your favors to climb the steps this year. "This actress is charismatic, incredible, very beautiful, and has a huge acting. What an honor if I could hold her by the arm as she climbed the steps... She's so talented! " adds Damien who quotes it in particular for Harley Quinn. On the Croisette, you will have to watch for the young Australian actress on Tuesday, May 23 with the team of Wes Anderson's film, Asteroid City.

Others among our readers and Internet users have set their sights on Virginie Efira, the mistress of last year's Cannes ceremonies. "I would love to accompany her on the steps, she is so beautiful, intelligent and talented," sighs Martine. In third place is Natalie Portman, "an actress of incredible talent, a very beautiful woman, head full in addition ... the breathtaking Mathilda de Léon has grown up really well!, exclaims Dominique. It would be a real dream to climb the stairs on Natalie's arm, but I don't know if my legs would withstand such an event, as they would start shaking... »

Hearts for Adele

More dashing, Jean quotes Juliette Binoche "without hesitation, for her roles, her commitments, her face and her look. What a good idea to have entrusted him (among others) with the role of Pauline in Theus of the Hussar on the roof. Finally, Thierry draws an infinity of little hearts behind his call to Adèle Exarchopoulos to accompany him in his climbs of the steps of the Animal Kingdom of Thomas Cailley to Un Certain Regard and Pixar's Elementary (for his voice) in closing.

A little offbeat, two stars who are not expected collect despite all your votes: Isabelle Adjani, "always very present for her fans, humble and very kind despite her status as a living legend" that Emmanuel has already "met twice". But not three, at least not this time. "Well, I invite the wonderful Sophie Marceau to Cannes," says Georges. And if we don't climb the steps, too bad. Too bad indeed, because it is not announced either on the Croisette.

On the side of these gentlemen, it is... Tom Hanks, who came out on top. And coincidentally, he also stars in Wes Anderson's film Asteroid City. "I would be proud and intimidated to climb the stairs on the arm of Tom Hanks, in my eyes one of the greatest actors in American cinema," whispers Sylvie. Let's not discourage her, but the American actor may well prefer Margot Robbie who plays in the film, rather than our reader. Sean Penn and Robert De Niro followed Tom Hanks on the podium. "Robert De Niro is still the boss of American cinema," says Sophie.

"La joie de vivre" by Pierre Niney

On the French side, Pierre Niney is still the most popular actor. "I would like to set up the markets with him for his humour and joie de vivre," warns Lucie, while Aude plays a more international card by quoting Pedro Pascal. "I currently manage the biggest French fan account dedicated to her on Instagram," she says. So it would of course be a dream to be able to climb the steps alongside him. Alas, the actor of The Mandalorian and The Last of us will not be present this week to defend Pedro Almodóvar's short film. Johnny Depp (despite the controversy) receives as many votes as Harrison Ford, Jude Law or Michael Douglas, ie only one. "Climbing the steps on the arm of the star of Fatal Liaison, it would be my dream," says Marie-Antoinette. Once it is better than Leonardo DiCaprio, Benoît Magimel, Mads Mikkelsen, Edward Norton, Ben Affleck, Vincent Lacoste, Marion Cotillard or Scarlett Johansson who are not mentioned at all.

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