• From 2024, the city of Lyon will gradually change its parking policy.
  • The price of the monthly subscription will double for owners of SUVs and other large cars, whether hybrid or not.
  • On the other hand, large families, low-income residents and owners of electric cars will benefit from a reduced rate of 15 euros.

The city of Lyon announced on Wednesday a gradual evolution of its parking policy from 2024. The municipality makes no secret of the objective: "to encourage the use of more sober and less polluting vehicles" in order to "respond to the climate emergency". The weight of the cars and their engines will now be taken into account in the new price list.

In detail, drivers of SUVs, vehicles "bulkier" and "consuming more fuel", will pay more. The monthly subscription to surface parking will increase, for them, from 20 euros to 45 euros per month. "The accidents they cause are more serious (especially for tall vehicles, such as SUVs, whose bumpers are at the height of the vital organs of pedestrians)," argues the city. It also believes that these cars occupy, by their size, "more public space, to the detriment of other less polluting modes of transport". Thermal models weighing more than 1,725 kg and plug-in hybrids weighing 1,900 kg as well as "Green Crit'Air" cars weighing more than 2,200 kg will also be affected by this increase.

A "solidarity" tariff for large families and low incomes

On the other hand, parking prices will decrease for large families, those with three or more children, and for residents with lower incomes. They will benefit from a "solidarity and family rate" at 15 euros per month. This will concern "nearly one in two Lyon households and 60% of families," observes the municipality. The same goes for owners of electric vehicles who will "automatically benefit" from the reduced tariff of 15 euros.

For the others, thermal vehicles from 1,000 to 1,725 kg and plug-in hybrids up to 1,900 kg, it will be necessary to pay the "standard" tariff which will be reassessed at 30 euros per month. Finally, for professionals, the municipality will set up specific rates, "more accessible and easier to use than current professional rates". The amounts were not disclosed.

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