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Pre-order the next F1 23 video game

Fnac: enjoy an exclusive pre-order on the new video game F1 23

Treat yourself to an immersive experience and push your limits by competing in the 1 FIA™ Formula 2023 World Championship! This new game promises you its share of sensations through new circuits in Qatar and Las Vegas. Discover a new chapter in the exciting "Breaking Point" story mode, reunite with your favorite teams and build the team of your dreams.

Drive the latest updated cars and challenge your competitors on the new circuits! Compete against teams around the world in My Team Career mode. So, have fun playing against your friends or family members in split screen or multiplayer (with extended cross-platform). As you win, you will win various awards in the F1 World. You can also improve the performance of your team members or equip your car with new parts. Enough to gain power and speed!

Watch your ranking, divided into divisions, and follow your evolution from Bronze to Elite.

A new objective system has been designed to allow you to perform in the Podium Pass.

Relive your achievements with the Compendium Virtual Sticker Album: earn stickers as you play and fill in the images to reach more prizes and rewards. The mode of action of the vehicles has been redesigned for more realism.

So, expect more predictability when accelerating, braking and cornering.

You'll also learn about incorporating authentic feedback from F1® teams.

Good to know: now and thanks to a new licensing system, the fairness of racing is promoted. Indeed, players are rewarded in F1® World for their respectful conduct.

Pre-order the F1 23 video game

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Are you ready to go beyond the "breaking point"? Whether you're an F1 fan or just love racing games, EA SPORTS™ F1® 23 is the game for you. Enjoy an all-new fictional team and an improved progression system.

At the moment, Fnac offers a pre-order on the new game EA SPORTS™ F1® 23

So, what are you waiting for to jump on the opportunity? On the way to the most famous tours in the world!

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