• Benjamin Lavernhe plays the valet of Louis XV played by Johnny Depp in "Jeanne du Barry" by Maïwen.
  • He is impressive in this almost mute role in this quasi-mute role.
  • He also plays the title role in "L'Abbé Pierre", presented at the end of the festival.

Benjamin Lavernhe does not shy away from his pleasure to be in Cannes to present two films: Jeanne du Barryby Maïwenn and L'Abbé Pierre by Frédéric Tellier, shown in the Out of Competition section on May 26th... "It's the first time I've come to Cannes with films," he told 20 Minutes. As a kid, I used to watch festivals on TV and now I feel like I'm playing an actor who presents a film at the Cannes Film Festival. I was there for stage fright and excitement. »

Benjamin Lavernhe is off to a good start to his festival. He is impeccable in the role of Louis XV's valet, which earned him the praise of Johnny Depp in an interview with the Journal du dimanche. "I took screenshots," admits Benjamin Lavernhe, who readily admits to having been impressed by his partner. I was a film buff before I became an actor. »

A valet more than perfect

Benjamin Lavernhe quickly felt comfortable in front of his partner. "I was impressed by the way Johnny handles French. He was a good listener, always ready to consider ideas, he recalls. We were very quickly on the same page, which is important because my character is the person who comes closest to a friend for the king. »

The actor, well known to fans of the Comédie-Française, steals the show from Johnny Depp in an almost silent role where he conveys a lot of feelings through the look and attitude. "The costume, the makeup and the wig helped me a lot to compose this character, to find his gestures in front of the king he follows all the time," he explains. The valet even slept at the foot of the sovereign's bed. He had a string attached to his wrist so that he could immediately satisfy the slightest need of the latter. Maïwenn did not keep this detail of the hero's intimacy, but she gave pride of place to the servant in her film.

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It is therefore not surprising that Benjamin Laverhne marked the spectators of Jeanne du Barry, with his tall figure managing to physically dominate the king, while remaining in his role as servant. He now dreams of one day climbing the Marche with Leonardo DiCaprio or touring with Xavier Dolan. "I now know how to play an actor at the Cannes Film Festival," he jokes. You have to make an effort to undermine them and smile, but not too much. It is believed that this method will often serve him, as he should become a regular on the Croisette.

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