In the past, the process of claiming indemnity insurance has been difficult, and many people do not claim it at all unless it is a large amount. A bill to simplify the process has crossed the threshold of the National Assembly for the first time in 14 years. However, there are still variables.

This is a report by reporter Yoo Deok-ki.

This is a university hospital in

You can use an app that shares information with hospitals to file a claim directly with your insurance company.

This is an exception, and almost all hospitals require you to obtain a paper document and apply to the insurance company by fax or app.

[Indemnity insurance holder: It's annoying to go back and forth to the hospital, and it's annoying to count the time like this.
Because of
this inconvenience, it is estimated that the amount of unclaimed insurance that has not been applied for has reached 3 billion won in the last three years.

In the future, an amendment that will allow hospitals to request indemnity insurance without paper documents and immediately claim indemnity insurance through computer has passed the bill review committee of the National Assembly's Political Affairs Committee.

It's been 7 years since the Civil Rights Commission's 410 recommendation to simplify indemnity insurance claims.

In the meantime, the medical community has opposed the system on the grounds that it exposes patient personal information, and many people have pointed out that they are worried that the government will use non-reimbursed medical information to control costs.

The reason for this is that the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service as an intermediary agency between hospitals and insurance companies has been opposed to the association, but this amendment does not specify an agency, and discussions are underway in the direction of the Insurance Development Agency.

[Lee Yeon Kim, Director of Public Relations, Korean Medical Association: The danger of sharing people's physical and health information, which is sensitive personal information, in real time and now widely.]

There is no major disagreement on the amendment, so it is expected that it will have a high chance of passing the plenary session.

It is expected to be implemented at the front-line hospital level in two years.

(Video Interview: Park Hyun-cheol, Video Editing: Kim Jin-won, CG: Lee Joon-ho)